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A fishing experience you will never forget!

- Mörrum Salmon Fishing



The Mörrum River is world famous among fishermen. Here you can fish for the world's largest salmon and sea trout! Mörrum's Kronolaxfiske is Sweden's leading sports fishing water and every year, anglers from all over the world travel to Mörrum to catch salmon and sea trout in record sizes.


Fishing in Mörrumsån is fishing for everyone, for both beginners and more experienced fishermen/women. We offer a variety of interesting fishing packages together with Mörrums Kronolaxfiske. Within these fishing packages you get everything you need to get started. You can basically come with empty hands. You don´t even need your own fishing gear if you don't have this. You can simply come here to Mörrum, and the Mörrum team will help you with all you need.


Make your fishing trip complete by booking a stay over in one of our cottages.









When you have never fished in the Mörrum River before, it can be a smart choice to book a fishing guide. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced angler or a larger group, together with an experienced guide you can get closer to an unforgettable fishing experience and catching your dreamfish!

The Mörrum River is a challenging fishing water. It is a river varying widely in its structure and the most common places where 80% of all the fish is being caught in each pool, can change depending on the water flow and water temperature. The Mörrum fishing guides are happy to share with you their local know-how, experience and knowledge with you, in regards of the choice of fishing location, technology, strategy and equipment - all to help you get the chance to catch your dream fish.

Mörrums fishing guides can provide anything from a few hours of introduction for you as an individual fisherman, to customized packages for a whole group.



Every Thursday (from 17.04 till 30.09) at 13.00 hours, you can be part of a free introduction of 1 hour. This introduction is for those who are new at the Mörrum River. The fishing guides will discuss the choice of bait, rules & etiquette, as well as strategies for fishing. No registration is required. Simply come to the entrance of Laxens Hus (Salmon House) at 13:00 hours.



Daily prices are not always the same every day and can be adjusted during the season.

On average, daily prices are:


Day license for Pool 1-32, March/April                 :  600 SEK

Day license for Pool 1-32, May                                :  700 SEK

Day license for Pool 1-32, June .                             :  600 SEK

Day license for Pool 1-32, July                                :  500  SEK

Day license for Pool 1-32, August                           :  600 SEK

Day license for Pool 1-32, September                    :  700 SEK

Season License (25.03 - 30.09)                                :  Check here


If you want to book a fishing license, please click on the following link: LINK

If you want to book a fishing package of course, please click on the following link: LINK



Want to see the full overview on prices? Please click on:


Price list for long-term card 2019 (pdf)

Price list for day passes 2019 (pdf)



Fishing premiere is on 23.03.2019.


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