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Create wonderful memories with this adventurous fishing activity.





This fishing license is intended for those anglers who want to catch fishes like Chub, Bream, Tench, Roach, Ide, Vimba bream, Rudd, White bream, Perch, etc.


With this fishing license, you can fish with a fixed rod in one of the world's most famous fishing waters. An experience out of the ordinary, where you can enjoy the lovely view of the Mörrum River, while trying to catch one of Mörrum's fine fish. (READ MORE)

You might see the world's largest salmon and trout jumping above the water surface while fishing with a fishing rod in this wonderful environment. A spectacle in itself. Without a doubt, you will create wonderful memories with this adventurous fishing activity.

Are you planning to fish as a family, together with your children? In that case, please take a look at our "FAMILY FUN FISHING" package, where we have put together the world's most enjoyable and most affordable fishing package, in cooperation with Mörrum's Kronolaxfiske.




1-Day license: 150 SEK 

Week license: 600 SEK



50 SEK

300 SEK

In Mörrumsån, the world's largest salmon and sea trout are caught. It might be nice to know which record fishes were caught here:

Record on the lower section of the Mörrum River: Salmon: 26.72 kg and Sea trout: 18.2 kg (World record!)

Record on the upper section of the Mörrum River: Salmon 12.5 kg, Sea trout 8.6 kg, Rainbow 5.2 kg.



This fishing license can be purchased for fishing all year round (except 16.03 - 31.03 and 01.05 - 31.05)



  • You may fish in some specific areas of the Mörrum River. Upon arrival at Mörrums Kronolaxfiske Reception you will be told where these areas are.

  • This fishing license does not provide access to pike, pike-perch, salmon or sea trout fishing.

  • Only fishing with a fishing rod is allowed. Fishing is done with bread/dough or corn (worms, maggots or other live bait is not allowed, neither are spinning lures).

  • Max. 2 fishing rods per person.


  • Fish species found in the Mörrum River: salmon, sea trout, stationary trout, perch, pike, pike-
    perch, eel, bream, tench and various types of whitefish such as roach, bleak, ide, vimba bream, rudd,

    whitebream and chubs.
     perch, pike, pike-perch, eel, bream, tench and various types of whitefish such as roach, bleak, ide, vimba bream, rudd, 

  • Fishes in the Mörrum River can be very combative and capable of taking serious runs. Bottom bait usually gives the best catches but floated angling can be perceived as more entertaining and active, it also offers the advantage that you can search the different water depths.

  • Anyone who catches a fish is invited to treat the fish with the utmost carefulness and put back the fish (Catch & Release). Off course you may carefully hold the fish and take a picture before giving back the fish its freedom.



You can purchase this fishing package at the reception at Långasjönäs Camping & Holiday Village:

T: 0454-320691 



Depending on your wishes, you can add the following extra products to this package:


Rental of fishing equipment:

  •          Fishing rod



  •          Breakfast buffet

  •          Lunch buffet  


Book a Guide:

  •          Fishing guide 



  •         Cottage 

  •         Camping 


:   50 SEK / per day



:    69 SEK




:  500 SEK/hour (weekdays)

:  600 SEK/hour (weekend)



:  400 SEK per day (from price)

:  230 SEK per day (from price)


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